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Faster Operation

Bringing you the speed you crave,
V3 combines a staggering 3GB RAM,
with a Snapdragon 64-bit Octa-Core CPU.

  • RAM3GB
  • CPU64Bit Octa-Core

Faster Fingerprint Unlocking

Unlock from dark screen in as fast as 0.5 seconds - the ultra-speedy 360 degree fingerprint
touch recognition system identifies your finger from any angle for unlocking.


Faster Shots

The camera can be activated in as fast as 0.7 seconds and its PDAF technology is
powerful enough to focus your desired object in just 0.2 seconds.
With this you are always ready to capture your fleeting moments in an instant.

  • Focusing0.2S
  • Start-up0.7S

Refined Metallic Body

V3 is marvelously designed with side panels that
curve gently to perfectly complement the curvy 2.5D
tempered glass front cover.

The aluminum alloy back cover is treated with a
zircon sand coating and anodized to create an
elegant shimmering effect with a smooth tactile

Selfies at Your Command

The 8MP front camera includes fun features such as Voice Control,
Palm Capture and Fingerprint Control to revolutionize your selfie experience.

The Vivo Hi-Fi Advantage

Vivo's exclusive AK4375 Hi-Fi chip makes listening to music an art-form.
With a tested SNR of 105dB and a distortion rate of -97dB,
it offers a smoother, more enjoyable Hi-Fi experience.

  • Tested SNR105dB
  • Distortion rate-97dB

Ultra-Powerful Speakers

With custom-designed Smart Amp technology,
plus a home-cinema style amplifier chip, Vivo's V3 offers a phenomenal audio
experience - with powerful, crystal-clear audio and a completely immersive feel.

Smart Wake

Smart Wake lets you access your music player,
the dialing pad, Facebook, or other apps in a flash,
with custom slide patterns from a locked dark screen. That's ingenious!

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