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2.5D Curvy Glasses on Both Sides
Truly Heart-Touching Beauty

The 2.5D glass on both sides of vivo X5Pro brings in a glossy appeal. It even creates a three-dimensional depth on the front of the phone, adding an extra element to its already-genius design.

双2.5D弧面玻璃 水滴设计,宛若天成 双2.5D弧面玻璃 水滴设计,宛若天成

Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Truly Resilient Strength

Corning Gorilla Glass on both sides, for increased strength and scratch resistance.

Beautiful Curvy Frame
Truly Meticulous Craftsmanship

Seamless metalworking arcs around the edges to blend with the flowing glass, shaping a lustrous form of aesthetic pleasure. Marvel at how good the smooth surface feels against your palm.

Nano Crystal Coating
Truly Crystal-Clear

A sapphire-colored crystal coating on the screen transforms vivo X5Pro into an eye-catching and stylistic statement that shimmers blue like the finest of jewels.

Multi-Beam Aircraft Wing Structure
Truly Strong Body

Nano-molding and laser-welding techniques, featuring aircraft wing structure and strong stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame, designed to defy everyday damages.

Honeycomb Anodizing
True Perfection

The metal framework is built through an anodizing process, featuring micro-honeycomb structures that capture more vibrant color coatings and generate more awe-inspiring textures. Keep your phone scratch-free for longer.

Super Thin Body
True Masterwork

vivo X5 Pro’s natural design makes its high-power performance look simple and effortless. Enjoy the thrill of holding such a thin piece of wonder, filling your palm with potential.

Super AMOLED Display
Truly Astounding Colors

vivo X5Pro combines its super-thin screen with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED FHD display to infuse your interface experience with more amazing visuals, as well as smoother videos.

Truly Precious Photos

Capture precious moments, seizing life’s wonders and your own unique charm.

玩转拍照 拍照可以如此有趣

Sapphire Lens
Truly Comprehensive Protection

vivo X5Pro uses a sapphire lens with improved transparency and strength; only diamond is stronger.

Phase-detection Autofocus Super Fast Focus
True Speed Advantage

Shockingly fast PDAF technology imitates how your own eyes work. Capture fleeting moments faster than others—just let vivo X5Pro focus for you and enjoy the clearly powerful results.

  • Phase-detection Autofocus

  • Ordinary Contrast Focus

Gender Specific Beautification
A Camera that Truly Appreciates You

Groundbreaking facial recognition software can identify your gender and complexion and bring out the best in your beautiful self. Intelligent multi-facial modes let you touch up anyone in the shot with a solution tailed to each individual, so everyone can come out looking ready for the spotlight.

Magic at Your Fingertip-Smart Wake 2.0
Truly Smart Interaction

Bring your phone to life with a single touch, even from a locked screen, with the all new updated Smart Wake 2.0. Custom swipe patterns let you call up your camera, browser, media, or other phone features, giving you total touch control over your vivo X5Pro no matter what mode it’s in.

Classic Hi-Fi
Truly Dynamic Sound

The iconic vivo Hi-Fi audio experience is empowered in vivo X5Pro by a custom-made Cirrus Logic DAC AK4375 audio chip, which makes all the difference when it comes to hearing the finer details of your music.

Funtouch OS Based on
Android 5.0-Lollipop
Truly Amazing Power

Based on the renowned Android 5.0 OS, vivio X5pro enjoys top-level speed, unwavering app execution, and a battery life that keeps everything running for a longer time.